terça-feira, fevereiro 11, 2014

the bride wears black
it was a wedding, these are the bridesmaids

they are waiting for the bridegroom

burn the dresses he said

it all starts with ten girls who
are waiting for the bridegroom,
and all of them have fetters around
their neck while they wait.
no one knows their names we still don't know
if the girls are waiting in a garden or a home.
the girls are referred to girls,
virgins and bridesmaids,
but whatever the case they are
waiting for the bridegroom.

all we truly know is that there are ten girls,
they are waiting and they all have fetters around
their neck...all except one. that one is the chosen one.
they are all waiting for the bridegroom, and the chosen
one will be killed by the nine left...

foto ellen von unwerth

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