sexta-feira, junho 29, 2007

é comum ter uma cor
segundo o tempo e lugar
e como os camaleões
também é comum mudar...
mendes de carvalho


os quinze minutos da fama...

foto dolce veneno


ready to take off...

hora de ponta

CONVITEnunca solicitamos aos nossos clientes a sua identidade 
da realidade em função do princípio de confidencialidade
não queremos saber nomes, moradas
podem trazer máscaras
não deixem de vir

foto yvan galvez
how do i love you? 
let me say you the ways
amo-te com a profundidade 
da minha alma

foto yvan galvez

terça-feira, junho 26, 2007

segunda-feira, junho 25, 2007

love is the answer, but while you're waiting for the answer
sex raises some pretty good questions...
woody allen

foto galeria nu-photos

terça-feira, junho 12, 2007

The Perfect Stranger - Self Portrait 2

the end of the line...
the bridge

foto ed freeman


I was just wondering why instead of filming this why u didn't try to stop these people from killing themselves. I mean there were people there and no one tried to stop them from jumping...I just want to know why

but at the same time, i accepted a long time ago, that not everyone can be saved. so if you tried to save someone and couldn't, maybe there wasn't really anything that could have stopped that..

filho da puta do caraças! porquê? cabrão de merda! cobardolas! porquê?

it's not just in US. i think all ocidental world feels that way. we live alone. we're all by ourselves, at the end. it's not pretty, and it's not easy to handle all the loneliness, at times..

a sua última noite antes do salto: tomou um copo no bar com uma "amiga". estava bem disposto - disse ela - nada fazia prever, duas horas depois mergulhava do alto da ponte.

I wish I had an answer to solve this problem and the film is totally necessary to film something that is on going. It is all gasoline, you cheap buying; it keeps getting more and more expensive until something is done to eliminate the problem. The director Eric Steel did a good job with handling the media and letting people know, why it was made.

suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain

quarta-feira, junho 06, 2007

...blood spills onto white porcelaine,one drop...then another until the spattering becomes a Picasso-esque blur, inner voices whisper see me. see me. but lips stay sealed, no communion sharing. no sharing. no sharing. no sharing of angst. betrayal, wounded heart only sterile silence. silence. noy a word. silence, to hear the drop. blood. see me. see me. inner voices. lips. stay

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